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Blue Taj Charlotte Review: A Journey Through Indian Flavors

Updated: Apr 16

Over the years, we’ve developed an affinity for Indian food. And we have discovered during that time, that there are lots of Indian restaurants from which to choose in Charlotte. But in our experience, there are more average restaurants than there are ones that want to go back to repeatedly.

Like many countries, Indian cuisine includes a wide variety of regional dishes that can greatly vary from one another due to the differences in the various regions’ soil types, climates, culture, and other things. It is also heavily influenced by religion, particularly Hinduism, and centuries of prior Islamic rule. Certain foods which have become staples in the country such as tomatoes, potatoes, peanuts, and guava were introduced indirectly by the Spaniards including Columbus. Conversely, India has influenced several other cuisines around the world, particularly England, as well as parts of Africa, Southeast Asia, North America, and the Caribbean since spices were brought from India and traded throughout Europe and Asia. Today in the U.S., many Indian restaurants serve an Americanized version of North Indian cuisine.

A couple of years ago, my brother, Jake, told us about The Blue Taj. He has traveled frequently to India over the years for his work, and subsequently, he has become quite a connoisseur of their cuisine. He never misses the opportunity to eat there when he comes back to Charlotte. When he told us that this restaurant was his favorite Indian place in Charlotte, we took that statement seriously.

Located in Ballantyne Village at the corner of Johnston Road & Ballantyne Commons Parkway, Blue Taj is only 20 minutes away from the SouthPark area. There are a variety of seating options including an outdoor patio for the warmer months. While the view from the patio isn't ideal since it overlooks the village’s parking deck, it’s still a great option on a pleasant day. Inside, the restaurant is partitioned by floor to ceiling curtains to add some privacy and muffle ambient noise. The curtains make it easy to carry on a conversation even when many of the other tables are full.

Over the past few years we have tried a variety of the appetizers with all of them being good. A couple of our favorites are Mango-Chickpea Chaat (made with potatoes, tomatoes, onions and a tangy chaat sauce), and the Chatpate Tikki Chole (made with spiced potato patty, garbanzo stew with a tamarind-mint chutney). They also make an excellent Tomato-Coconut bisque.

My favorite entree is the Tikka Masala. I have eaten it at nearly every Indian restaurant that we have gone to in the past. Generally, I get it with chicken. But at The Blue Taj, I have also had it with lamb and goat. While those have been good, their Chicken Tikka Masala is the best that I’ve had anywhere. That is usually Jake’s go-to dish as well.

Beth has tried a greater variety of entrees but generally comes back to the Chicken Tikka. It is a similar dish to the Tikka Masala but without the heavy sauce.

Prices are reasonable with most dinner entrees ranging from $14-$19. Most Lunch entrees cost $10-$13 making this a good option if you are in the area and looking for a place that will not break the bank. They have a sister restaurant in Dilworth called Copper. Located in a renovated historic home along East Blvd, the atmosphere is better than Blue Taj, but the food has never been as good for some reason. So, venture over to Ballantyne to give, what we think is, the best Indian restaurant in Charlotte a try.

indian dish at blue taj in charlotte


-The Blue Taj


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