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Ace No. 3

When Dennis Chapman and Paul Manley were looking to add a third restaurant to their popular, The Waterman and Sea Level NC, they decided to look to Belmont Village, near Uptown, for the perfect location. Belmont residents were clambering for a pizza or burger place. Since there was already a restaurant serving pizza near NoDa, they decided to focus on the American classic - a burger joint.

Instead of thick burgers with a plethora of toppings, the owners decided to keep it simple so that customers could focus on the meat and the bun. You can order the Ace No. 3 burger which is two thin patties with American cheese, onions, pickles and their signature comeback sauce or you can build your own burger. The team created a proprietary seasoning, along with a specific method of preparation in how the patties are lined up on the grill, which side they are seasoned on, and when they are flipped.

My son-in-law Jarrod and I went to the Myers Park location. There are also two more locations at Concord Mill and in Belmont Village near Uptown. Jarrod believes in this simple-is-more philosophy too. At any burger joint, he always orders his burgers with just pickles, cheese, and the joint’s house sauce. In Ace’s case, it is their comeback sauce.

I’m a sucker for any place that serves a Carolina burger. Like a hot dog, that comes with chili, slaw, onions, and mustard. So I had Ace’s version of the Carolina burger and was not disappointed. The fries were equally delicious as well. Because, Jarrod and I were meekly attempting to be healthy, we decided to forego any of their handspun milkshakes. But they were very tempting.

Not only did we love our meals, but Ace No. 3 has already garnered a lot of public praise as well. They were named one of the 10 Best Burgers in Charlotte this year by as well as by American Eats. If you like a good burger joint, this place is definitely worth a try.

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